The Impact of No-Fault Unilateral Divorce Laws on Divorce Rates in Mexico
with Jacob Penglase
Accepted - Economic Development and Cultural Change

Papers Under Review

The Long-term Impact of Preventative Public Health Programs
Current Version: [ pdf ]
Conditionally Accepted - The Economic Journal
The Protestant Legacy: Missions, Literacy, and Economic Development in India
with Rossella Calvi and Federico Mantovanelli
Current Version: [ pdf | online appendix ]
Revisions Requested - Journal of Human Resources
The Historical Roots of Local Public Finance and the Provision of Public Health, 1900-1930
Current Version: [ pdf ]

Working Papers

The Impact of Unilateral Divorce in Mexico: Bargaining Power and Labor Supply
with Jacob Penglase
Current Version: [ pdf ]
The Rural Mortality Decline in the United States, 1900-1930
Current Version: [ pdf ]
Can Public Health Administration Improve Population Health? The Impact of Urban Health Departments over 1916-1933
Current Version: [ pdf ]

Selected Works In Progress

Marital Instability and Child Outcomes in Mexico
with Jacob Penglase
Maternity Leave Legislation and Child Health in Mexico
with Jacob Penglase
Does More Medical Care Lead to Better Outcomes? Evidence from Changes in Late-term Induction Recommendations
The Benefits of a Birth Center Model of Care: A Regression Discontinuity Design using Hospital Transfers