Published Papers

[1] The Long-term Impact of Preventative Public Health Programs

Accepted - The Economic Journal - [ pdf ]

[2] The Protestant Legacy: Missions, Literacy, and Economic Development in India with Rossella Calvi and Federico Mantovanelli

Accepted - Journal of Human Resources -- [ pdf | online appendix ]

[3] The Impact of No-Fault Unilateral Divorce Laws on Divorce Rates in Mexico with Jacob Penglase

Accepted - Economic Development and Cultural Change - [ pdf ]

[4] Druglords don’t stay at home: COVID-19 pandemic and crime patterns in Mexico City - [link] with Adan Silverio-Murillo and Jose Roberto Balmori De la Miyar

Accepted - Journal of Criminal Justice

[5] Do Spouses Negotiate in the Shadow of the Law? with Adan Silverio-Murillo

Economics Letters - [ pdf ]

[6] Explaining Declines in US Rural Mortality, 1910-1933: The Role of County Health Departments

Explorations in Economic History - [ pdf ]