Working Papers

The Household-level Impacts of Divorce Laws in Mexico

The Impact of Unilateral Divorce in Mexico: Bargaining Power and Labor Supply - Revisions requested, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Current Version: [ pdf ]

with Jacob Penglase

Early 20th Century Public Health

Can Public Health Administration Improve Population Health? The Impact of Urban Health Departments over 1916-1933

Current Version: [ pdf ]

with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

The Rural Mortality Decline in the United States, 1900-1930

Current Version: [ pdf ]

Updated version with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field and James Feigenbaum coming soon!

The Historical Roots of Local Public Finance and the Provision of Public Health, 1900-1930

Current Version: [ pdf ]

COVID-19 in Latin America

COVID-19 and Crimes Against Women: Evidence from Mexico

Current Version: [ pdf ]

with Adan Silverio-Murillo, Abel Rodriguez Tirado, Jose Roberto Balmori De la Miyar

Families under Confinement: COVID-19, Domestic Violence, and Alcohol Consumption

Current Version: [ pdf ]

with Adan Silverio-Murillo and Jose Roberto Balmori De la Miyar